Who we are


We are a group of workers who believe that the power for the emancipation of all lies in the working class. Individually we have a wide range of political experiences in various left wing and workers organisations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, but the original members of the group came together in the Confederation of Autonomous Workers (ARK) in Bulgaria. After leaving ARK, we decided to form a new group in order to play an active role in the class struggle, and to open a discussion both here in Bulgaria but also internationally about how workers can struggle and win today. We believe that the primary focus of the class struggle is the workplace. However, we don’t believe that the classical trade unions play a positive role in this struggle. Instead of those unions we argue for workers’ control of their own struggles independent of unions and political parties.

We support the creation of autonomous groups in the workplace to organise the struggle. We stand for class unity, and are opposed to any measures that the bosses use to divide the working class. We are utterly opposed, both in the workplace, and society as a whole, to all methods used to divide the working class such as sexism, racism, homophobia, and nationalism.

This site is intended as a tool to create discussion amongst militant workers in Bulgaria, across the region, and elsewhere in the world. It tries to explain our experience in working place struggles, and the lessons that we have learnt from them, but more importantly to create a discussion about how to go forward, and to act as a catalyst for action.

What we want to do is to understand how work, and the working class is today, and what that means when we are rethinking methods of workplace organisation. We want to understand the weaknesses of the class struggle, but also the strengths, and how those strengths can be used to overcome the weaknesses.

This isn’t a task that a small political group of people can do on its own. It’s important to us that people do more than just read. We want to open a wider discussion. We want people to tell us about their own experiences in workplace struggles, to tell us where we are right, but also to tell us where we are wrong, and what we’ve completely failed to mention.

We welcome readers’ own contributions and want to hear what you think about what we have to say about the struggles that we discuss.


We also want to hear about readers’ own experiences, where they think things went right, and where they went wrong so that we can learn together. To this end, we urge you to discuss with us your workplace experience.

In a society where everyone is constantly trying to tell us that we are all in it together, and that everyone has to work together for the common good – we reject this. The interests of workers and bosses are not the same. They are absolutely opposite.

The point of this website is to put forward the interests of the working class. Instead of keeping our mouths shut, and doing what the bosses say, we argue for class conflict. It’s this conflict which allows us to put our interests as working people first. It’s this conflict which creates the possibility for workers to take control over their own lives, and to put forward a vision of a world where not money but people matter.

What we want isn’t the same as what our employers and bosses want. We won’t live and work just to make more money. We won’t sacrifice our health just to make hospital owners richer.

Konflikt is what happens when workers say ‘no’ to how the world is, when they go on strike, and make demonstrations, but also when they get together at work, and say to the boss that ‘no’ they won’t stay extra hours after work to ‘help out’ without being paid.

Konflikt is what happens when people try to take back control over their own lives.

Konflikt is a radical vision which puts each and everyone of us back as real actors in our own lives, not passive spectators.

Konflikt offers not only small changes in life today, but ultimately a world to win.

Let’s embrace the conflict.